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The Differences Between Land and Online Casino Gambling

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are plenty of differences that make online casino gambling far more rewarding and profitable than land-based casino gambling. But aside from the obvious, such as the hundreds or thousands of pounds saved by avoiding flights to the world’s top resorts, and hotels; what are some of the other perks of playing online instead of in a real brick and mortar casino?

Well, you can of course play from the comfort of your very own living room or bedroom. But that again falls into the category of “the obvious”. So what then is the biggest perk?

I would say that the biggest perk of online gambling is that you have got, quite literally, the world of gambling at your fingertips. You are able to gamble on various games at once, without the need to travel from place to place. Now I am not referring to regular online casinos here, I am referring mainly to the all-in-one gambling sites.

There are many of these big business gambling companies out there that offer not only casino games, but also poker, bingo, and even sports betting. With all of this coming under the jurisdiction of one site, and all accessible with a single account – could there be any bigger advantage?

There is also the advantage with online gambling sites, that in no way can you be accused of cheating. Unless of course you are playing illegally (i.e. you are underage or using somebody else’s bank details or identity) there is quite literally no way that you can be found guilty of cheating.

Furthermore, there is a very slim chance that the online gambling site can cheat you too. These online gambling sites use fully automated software, such as random number generators to shuffle their cards, and they are consistently checked for weaknesses, to make certain that their payment rates are fair and that everything is legal and above board. There is certainly no chance of a dealer being able to slip you a Mickey with online gambling.

So what else is a benefit? Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos have help lines and support for you, should you find yourself becoming a problem gambler. They also have incredible software that can help you detect the first signs of becoming a problem gambler, as they develop. The security procedures that surround the online casino are also far more beneficial to the player than those found at a land-based casino.

At an online gambling site, you can set yourself limits on how much you are allowed to wager per day, week, or month. You are also given minimum and maximum deposit limits, meaning that you cannot simply take out a second mortgage on your house and splash it down on the roulette wheel; as you might very well be able to do with a land-based casino. In short, online gambling sites tend to care about their players, and aren’t just after their money.

Speaking of money, how could we conclude this brief article without mentioning the bonus situation? “What bonus situation?” many land-based casino gamblers might ask, for in their brick and mortar gambling houses, they have never been offered one.

In the online gambling world, there exist welcome bonuses, match deposit bonuses, and a whole range of great offers to keep players in the green. For every wager you make, you get a little bit of it back through loyalty points or are offered exclusive deals and promotions that no land based casino can offer. That is the power of the online casino.