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The Many Ways That a Casino can be Blacklisted

Author: Neha Agrawal

Every online casino has the potential to become a part of the blacklisted casinos list. All it takes is a few wrong decisions, and a few complaints. However, some really don’t have to try very hard to find themselves blacklisted, as they meet several criteria for it. Below are some of the many ways that a casino can be blacklisted.

Fixed games

Every online casino should have fair and reasonable pay-out percentages. When they don’t, there is a problem. This is usually a sign that their online slot games are fixed. Blacklisted casinos will generally offer very low pay-out percentages, which mean it is exceptionally hard for you to win big money playing an online slot. When this happens (and it happens to quite a few of their games), you can be sure that the online casino will be called a cheat, and find itself labelled as one of the blacklisted casino sites.

Phantom promotion and bonuses

When blacklisted casinos have offers that are too good to be true, they usually are. Some casino sites promise you big riches with a bonus, and then don’t deliver. Others will stop you withdrawing because even though you have met their original wagering requirements, the casino has gone and changed them. Sometimes, bonuses and promotions are free of Wagering Requirements , and when you go to withdraw – suddenly, wagering requirements are expected. All of these phantom promotions and bungled bonuses are more than enough to see a casino become blacklisted.

Refusing to cough up the goods

By far the most common way for blacklisted casinos to end up in the predicament that they are in, is to refuse to pay-out. Normally, the procedure is simple. You win, you meet the wagering requirements, they pay. Despite this very simple agreement, sometimes online casinos still refuse to pay-out. Either they haven’t got the money, don’t want to part with it, or refuse to recognise that you have won that amount. Sometimes, a mistake is made, and this is usually quickly rectified. More times than not though, it is because the casino is run by crooks (or isn’t a real casino at all); in which case, they’ll rapidly find themselves one of the blacklisted casinos.