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The Top 10 Well Known Blacklisted Casinos

Author: Neha Agrawal

Several online casino sites have done a remarkable job of ensuring that they are remembered by casinos players. Not for the right reasons, though. These top ten blacklisted casino sites should always be avoided for the time being.

Rushmore Casino, Vegas24 Casino and Gold Luck Casinos

Rushmore Casino is listed on virtually all blacklists, and has been for some time. They are known to be extremely poor at paying out their players. Vegas24 Casino is even worse, as they seem to make up their terms and conditions regarding bonuses and withdrawals as they go along, with whatever suits them at the time. Gold Luck is one of the most unresponsive casinos, with players seeking advice and withdrawals, consistently left in the dark. Even casino mediators can’t get any answer from these rogue casinos.

Betfair Casino, Lucky18 Casino and PlanetKings

Betfair Casino is a strange one. This is widely known as being one of the top quality casinos, and although they only appear on a handful of blacklists, their name is big enough to warrant inclusion here. Their sportsbook may be solid, but their casino practices have been called into question on a number of occasions. Lucky18 Casino is another casino that only appears on a handful of blacklists, but again receives endless lists of complaints about their practices. PlanetKings was voted the worst casino of last year, and despite many months where they could have improved their site, they haven’t. This shows that they don’t care at all about their blacklisting.

Slot Oasis, Cherry Red Casino, Casino Fortune and Jackpot Grand Casino

All of these are major, well known casinos and most appear on multiple blacklists. In the case of Slot Oasis and Cherry Red Casino; these domains are widely regarded as utterly useless (perhaps deliberately) at paying out their players. One reason for this is that they have been accused of lacking the funds needed to run an online casino. The Casino Fortune and Jackpot Grand online casino sites make up the top ten blacklisted casinos list. Casino Fortune has consistently failed to pay out players, and when questioned about the matter, failed to deliver any answer, time and time again.

Jackpot Grand is a well-known site, but has been voted in the Worst Casino group of the year in 2010, 2011, and 2013; again, with no sign of improvement. Jackpot Grand says that it can process “withdrawals up to $3,000, according to player class” in their terms and conditions, meaning that players can only pocket withdrawals if they are high up enough in the casino’s rankings, and only up to that amount at a time. This is absolutely unacceptable, and the story is the same at other casinos run by this group.