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The Value of Your Clothes – Good Strip Poker Guidelines

Author: Neha Agrawal

If you have ever considered monetary values in Strip Poker or you have played it before; you will no doubt be aware that there are a number of varying ways to play this entertaining game.

Some people simply set the rules so that the losing player in each hand must shed an article of clothing and there are no rules on how much you may wear at the beginning. Other players prefer to play with real money and in this instance values are assigned to the Strip Poker players' clothes. This way everybody starts the game fair and square as far as money goes.

Obviously the first variant is more common, but if you do decide to sit down with a group of friends and play Strip Poker by the second method, what is a fair price for the clothes that cover you up?

Generally speaking all of these Strip Poker rules must be decided before the game takes place, however, if you want a heads up on some fair prices for your clothes, this is generally what is considered acceptable by most players of Strip Poker.

Scarves, gloves, hats and all other items that players have only brought to drag the Strip Poker game out are generally considered acceptable at one pound each. If you are looking to get your friends' socks off in a friendly game of Strip Poker, generally another pound is a fair stake. Sweaters are also fair game at two pounds a pop, but as you can imagine the less clothes the players wear, the more expensive it is going to be to get them out of them.

Most players are generally content to remove their pants or skirts if a player lays down five pounds. All shirts and undershirts are also considered around the same wager mark. However, when it comes down to the two final articles of clothing in a Strip Poker game, the most sensitive items are worth a whole lot more.

Most Strip Poker players are generally willing to drop their bra for a £10.00 wager, while the value of a player’s underwear, whether male or female, long or short, is generally around twenty pounds.

The main reason for using playing Strip Poker is to make certain that everybody is wearing the same amount of clothing, and to ensure that all players start on an even playing field. Of course, there are more ways to go about this, but this is Strip Poker in its most elementary, fair, and basic method.