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Treating High Rollers With Special Care Another Las Vegas Tradition

Author: Neha Agrawal

Most businesses treat their best customers well, and casinos are no different. In Las Vegas, they have always treated their best players lavishly, working on the theory that whatever the costs of the gifts that they give them will be returned when those customers start playing in the casino.

The Las Vegas hotels have special perks for what they think of as their high rollers. These are players willing to bet a million American dollars in the casino. These players are known crudely as “Whales” since they are a very large target offering great rewards.

Casinos in Las Vegas will treat these players with the greatest respect. Of course, they will give them the most lavish rooms for their stay. They’ll also provide private areas for them to play and assign staff ready to wait on their every request.

There are also plenty of other gifts the hotels are willing to give to their whales. If one of them wants a new Bentley, that’s not a problem. The car will be delivered quickly. It’s also no problem to get a private jet to bring them to the city.

Virtually any request a high-roller makes that is legal will be granted by the casino. They figure that as much as they may be putting out in gifts and other treats, they’ll be getting back and more once that player puts his money down.

Online casinos can’t exactly compete with this kind of lavishness for their high rollers, but they do treat their best players well. It’s the same basic principle, which is to show extra kindness to your best customers.

Most every online gambling site, whether they are a casino, a sports book or a site which only offers one game, like bingo, keno, or scratch cards, has special rewards for their best players. It might be called the VIP section, or it might be called the Palladium or Gold Club. Under any name, they give great rewards to those who have spent a lot of money on their sites.

Many of the offerings to high rollers are given in cash, usually as a percentage of their action, but some places have other perks as well. There can be shopping vouchers or other merchandise. Whatever the reward, the principle is the same as used in Las Vegas-treat your best customers well and they’ll continue to be your best customers.