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Trump: Good or bad for online gambling?

Author: Josh Wilde ~ author of Wilde is the Joker

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a close ally of President Trump, recently urged Trump to support online gambling. Will Trump listen to him and be pro-gambling on the net or will he be anti-gambling?

Trump's name is associated with brick and mortar casinos but he no longer owns any. He might well view the internet as an inexpensive way to re-establish the Trump Gambling name. He could not do it himself as long as he is in office but there is nothing to stop his sons from opening online casinos if Trump were to repeal the ban on using US financial institutions and instruments handling deposits and withdrawals to online casinos. In fact, he could do so by executive order by instructing federal agencies not to enforce the ban.

Gambling City, which has always supported online gambling is obviously in favor of this. Gambling Grumbles would hope that the desire to attract the potentially giant US market would encourage all casinos to deal fairly with players. Facing the possibility of getting American players, casinos would not want the bad publicity that comes with a Gambling Grumbles "Skull & Crossbones" report.

The best gambling sites (the ones that Gambling City calls "recommended casinos") would stand to make a fortune with the American market.

As a politician, Trump realizes that this would be a popular move in most states (with the extra, added, advantage to him of hurting Nevada which went for Hillary in the 2016 election). He could also see the financial advantage to the federal government as it would collect taxes on internet gambling revenues.

The downside is that fundamentalist Christians, who have been among his strongest supporters, are not apt to view this very favorably. Still, he probably feels that he has their backing in a 2020 election no matter what he does.

The one predictable thing about Donald Trump is that he will continue to be unpredictable. There really is no way to know for certain how he will stand on any issue, and that includes those on which he has already tweeted his thoughts. For this reason, Gambling City is not willing to bet one way or the other on what Trump will decide about whether to support gambling online.

What do you think? Will the president decide to change "MAGA" to "LAGA" ("Let American Gamble Again")?

Perhaps someone should point out to him that Americans who do gamble online are sending their money to Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. This is money which could be kept in the US meaning that LAGA will help MAGA.