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Types of Online Instant Win Games

Author: Neha Agrawal

If you like to read online gambling articles and tips, you have probably come across plenty of information regarding online instant win games. Lots of these instant win games articles are really entertaining and informative but often don’t mention one of the most fundamental issues that true beginners to online gambling need to know. This issue is that of what can actually be classed as instant win online games amongst the plethora of online gambling options, and it is this area that will form the focus of this article.

The first, and probably most popular form of game that can be categorised as amongst the instant win games area, are those games which imitate scratch off tickets. These scratch games take scratchers and scratch cards to the online arena, and are basically identically to the traditional scratch off tickets except for the fact that they are digitised versions played online. These online scratch games can clearly be categorised as instant win games as they involve one piece of action that then results in either a win or a loss.

A second type of game which can be placed amongst the ranks of instant win games is arguably online Keno. Keno is a lottery based game which involves selecting a set of numbers, and waiting to see whether your numbers are selected by the gameplay software. This type of game therefore also fits amongst instant win games as there is no strategic element and the action of winning or losing is instantly determined by the numbers which are drawn.

Finally, some people may also argue that slots can be placed amongst instant win games online as you do win or lose largely based upon the semi-instant action of the reels which are generated. However, these games do not really fit with other instant win games as dependent on the game in question there is often a degree of strategy, or at least of player interaction that can change the result of the game.

Therefore, when people talk of instant win games in the future you will know that they are most likely referring to scratch games or digitised scratch off tickets, may be referring to lottery games such as Keno, and in very unusual circumstances could mean online slots games but this is not a categorisation that many in the online gambling world would agree with.