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Understanding the Dice – The Odds in Craps

Author: Neha Agrawal

Any online gambling game win revolves around probability. What are the chances that you are going to be able to pull this off? How likely is it that a given combination is going to appear? A truly good gambler will know all about probability and will have trained him or herself to fully understand all the possible combinations that might crop up. In poker this could be the probability of picking up a certain hand. In this case, with Craps, it’s the odds of picking up a series of totals from two dice.

There are a total of thirty six possible combinations of numbers that can appear on the two up sides, this is accumulated by multiplying six (all the numbers on one dice) by six (all the numbers on the other). Naturally there cannot be a total of one, because although there is a one on a single die, there are two dice involved in the game of Craps, so two is the lowest possible number you can score, made up from both dice landing with the one facing up.

There is only one possible way you can reach the total of two with a throw of two dice, and that has just been mentioned. Similarly, twelve can only be reached by one outcome also; in that case it is a set of two sixes. Other numbers that appear on the dice, however, can be added together to give varying totals.

For example, there are two ways to make either a three or a seven. There are three ways to make either a four or a ten. There are four ways to make either a five or a nine; five ways to make either a six or an eight. There are also six ways to make a seven, which is unfortunate for the Craps player because that is the number that will always cost him his wager if it is rolled.

By looking at those figures once more, a player should be able to figure out what is the most common set of numbers to appear on the dice, and with that they should be able to make an accurate and fair bet when playing Craps. Apart from the seven, of course, which is, as you well know, fatal to a bet.