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What Does it Mean to be a High Roller?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Anybody who has ever visited an online casino site before will be familiar with at least at the term, high roller. You might not specifically know what it means, but you will certainly have heard of it before. So, for those of you not in the know, what exactly is a high roller? A high roller is an online casino player who plays frequently, and by frequently it can be said that they play almost every single day. A high roller doesn’t just play often though, they also wager large sums of money. Nobody will ever be considered a high roller if they wager simple one pound spins on their favourite slot machine, certainly not unless they do so fifty times a day, every day. A high roller is more likely to stake fifty pounds a spin when they play online slots.

High rollers aren’t just limited to online slot machine players either. High rollers can also be found playing blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, craps and many more alternative slot machine games. High rollers however are seldom found in online sports betting or bingo and the term is mostly thrown about when one is talking about casino based games.

A high roller is also sometimes known as a whale, and there are many benefits to being a high rolling player at an online casino site; although the term is also applied to players who wager lots of money at land based, brick and mortar casinos too. One of the benefits of being a high roller is the comps and bonuses they tend to receive. High rollers tend to profit from extra bonuses, special VIP treatment and restricted tournaments which other normal players; standard players (or mid-rollers as they are sometimes known) do not have access to.

High rollers frequently tend to be rich players, or at the very least players with enough money to wager without caring too much about the consequences of their stakes. Players who like to live dangerously often like to think that they too are high rollers and in a certain sense of the term they are, but their status as high rollers can quickly be diminished should they lose a significant amount of money; to real high rolling players – it won’t be.

High rolling players are generally very skilled at the games they play and enjoy the high life of gambling, the kind that most standard players can only dream of. But the outcome is the same whether you are a high roller or not; wager to either win or lose.