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What and When to Parlay with the Betting Pools

Author: Neha Agrawal

Most bettors in the UK are probably used to making any parlays they’re betting with fixed odds. This is the traditional way of doing it. But there are times when it is a good idea to utilize any pool bets that might be available to make these wagers.

When you bet parlays in the gambling pools, no matter the sport, your payoff will be based on the final odds that the pools produced. The dividend that will be paid or carried over to the next part of the parlay bet will not be determined until all the money is into the pool.

Many bettors don’t like this uncertainty, but when you’re betting with the pools, there are chances to make more money than when you bet with a fixed odds payoff. Normally, if you’re betting on something other than the favourite in a race or a match, you will likely get a better return through the gambling pools.

The money bet on the favourite tends to get bigger until the end of the betting time available, so if you have the courage to bet through the pools without a fixed price, you might get awarded with a better payoff. Of course, there are no guarantees, but this is most likely what will happen.

If your parlay bet involves two non-favourites, then betting through any pools available can just make your potential payoff even greater. Obviously, if your parlay bet involves even more than two legs, the use of the pools can increase the payoff over a fixed bet even more.

Of course, your options do not go away as the time to make your decision runs out. If you find the odds did not go as you expected, then by all means, you can keep the fixed price option as a possibility. The uncertainty of the pools is the reason some bettors avoid them except for the very large pools with the greatest payoffs.

But remember that the idea is to maximize your payoffs, so if you have to take a bit of a risk to do so, it can well be worth the effort.

Using the betting pools for any parlays may just be one of those risks worth taking. It’s especially true if your parlay involves something other than the favourites in the events that you have included on your coupon.