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What are Some of the Myths Surrounding Craps?

Author: Neha Agrawal

As with any major gambling game, there are a number of myths that surround Craps. It is inevitable that most of these myths originally occurred by word-of-mouth and now are so far spread across the globe that a lot of the more gullible players might be inclined to believe them. However, it doesn’t take much to unravel the truth from the lies.

One common myth around Craps is that it is a very difficult game to win and the casino is only after grabbing your money as quickly as possible. This is simply not true. If one was to look at the average house edge for Craps – particularly on the Pass Line bets, you would find that they don’t even have a two percent edge.

Pass Line and full double odds offer Craps players a 99.4% chance of success, and that certainly doesn’t sound like the casino is making it impossible for you to win now, does it?

Other people think that the house rotates its dealers on purpose to adjust your chances of luck. Craps dealers in casinos rotate naturally. Many professional businesses have staff that rotate, from bars and restaurants so why should a casino stick with the same dealer hour after hour? This myth has obviously evolved from a disgruntled gamer who wagered most of his money and lost, something which every gambler spending big, must be prepared to suffer.

More superstition than myth, many people claim that it is bad luck for the dice to roll off the table. Because this is superstition, whether it is bad or good luck is entirely up to you and how superstitious you are. This myth has been created by those whose dice have landed on numbers they didn’t want. Nobody who has ever won at Craps with good numbers after the dice have left the table has ever complained about bad luck; on the contrary in fact.

The same thing applies to the number seven. Many people believe that seven is a lucky number, so some people have a problem with the fact that it ruins your bet in Craps. Again this is superstition and it wholly depends on how you view the number. However, in gambling, seven is just a number; lots of other people have other lucky numbers. Who’s to say what is lucky to one person, is lucky to everyone else?

There are other myths surrounding Craps too, but they are often as silly as the ones above. Do yourself a favour and ignore the myths. Just play Craps for what it is, which is a terribly exciting dice game.