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What are the Benefits of Being a High Rolling VIP Member?

Author: Neha Agrawal

It is not always the case, but very often when a new player joins an online casino site as a high roller, they are gifted VIP status as one of the perks of choosing to be this type of player. But is being a VIP member all it is cracked up to be? What are the perks and benefits of being one of those fabled VIP members at an online casino site, and why does being a high roller mean so much to online casinos?

The answer the last question is rather obvious. Online casinos love their high rollers. Why? Because if you are a high roller at an online casino site, you may not be wagering too often (though you probably are), but when you do wager, you are wagering very large sums of money. At the very least, the sums of money you wager are considerably more than most standard online casino players are prepared to stake. Whilst you do have a good chance of winning, so does the online casino site and to take money off a high roller is obviously more profitable than from a standard rolling player.

In exchange for your dedicated and expensive loyalty however, the online casino is often prepared to offer you VIP status within the site, which entitles you to certain royalties shall we say, that other standard rolling players wouldn’t ordinarily have access too.

Such treats that can be yours as a VIP high rolling player at an online casino site include special giveaway offers. You are often entitled to compete in a VIP only competition, with the prize being a luxury holiday or tickets to some other kind of VIP event. But of course, it is not all about the luxury.

Other perks of being a VIP high rolling player at an online casino can include entry into exclusive tournaments, and more importantly, additional bonuses that are certainly not available to regular casino players.

VIP players (specifically high rollers) are often gifted with an increase in their match deposit reload level (provided that the online casino has reload bonuses) and their level of cash back in offers is generally more too. Whereas a typical standard casino player might pocket a ten to fifteen percent cash back reward every month, or a fifty percent reload bonus; VIP high rolling players could pocket as much as twenty five percent cash back and seventy five percent reload bonuses at any given generic casino.

The perks are certainly there for all to see for being a high rolling VIP member of an online casino site; however with VIP status and high roller status come larger stakes games, and you must wager significant amounts of money in order to retain your special VIP-high roller status. Is it worth it? That is entirely up to you.