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What is Casino Cashback?

Author: Neha Agrawal

We’re all familiar with the concept of cashback in general, and how it works. But what is casino cashback? When it comes to casino cashback, we’re dealing with something entirely different than what you might think.

About Casino Cashback

Casino cashback doesn’t work the same way as cashback at a supermarket, or shop. When you get cashback from those places, the price you pay increases, and they give you cash in exchange for a larger bill. In short, you are treating them like an ATM machine. But that is not how casino cashback works. Casino cashback is one of the many different casino promotions, which is offered by casinos to compensate players, reward them, or thank them. Any cashback you bag never comes off your balance. In short, in the casino world, you don’t have to pay for your cashback.

Is Casino Cashback available at all Casinos?

Most online casinos offer cashback in some form or another. Indeed, many online casinos will make this kind of offer to players via VIP programs and casino promotions. However, it must be stressed that not all online casinos offer cashback. The way that casinos can offer cashback varies from site to site. Some will offer it as a welcome bonus, meaning that if players make a deposit and don’t win anything, they’ll get their money back. Others offer it as a loyalty reward; for example: if you wager a specific amount on games, you will be treated to cash back. It is up to you to discover if an online casino offers cashback, and if they do, what kind of casino cash back offers work best for you.

Wagering Requirements for Cashback Offers

As with most casino promotions, cashback offers often come with wagering requirements. The exception is usually welcome bonus cashback offers. When you pocket casino cash back offers, the money that you receive is likely to a bonus, and not real money. This means that you cannot withdraw it to your account. In all probability, you are going to have to wager that money a specific amount of times, before you can actually withdraw any winnings that you pocket. This is perfectly normal, and part of all online casinos. Players should remember to read up on wagering requirements of casino promotions (including cashback), before they decide to accept them.