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What is a Casino Blacklist?

Author: Catherine McCabe

Casinos aren’t all prepared to treat their customers fairly, and some rogue casinos even go as far as ripping off their customers or stealing money from trusting players. Players are fighting back though with the casino blacklist. If you have every wondered what the term ‘blacklist’ means, read on as this article explains what is meant by the term, why you should be wary of any casino that makes a blacklist and how to ensure that you don’t get ripped off by a rogue casino.

A casino blacklist is a list of rogue casinos and it includes online casinos, casino halls or casino clubs. For a casino to be included on the blacklist, casino customers will have widely reported a bad experience, have been ‘ripped off’ by the casino or have any number of casino complaints. A casino blacklist is designed to warn other players of the possible pitfalls of playing at casinos listed. Casino blacklists can be published anywhere, or by anyone but a lot of players’ clubs will ensure they have an up to date list to warn of rogue casino operators and limit the need for casino complaints.

Casinos on a casino blacklist will usually be there due to the one or all of several unfair business practices such as confiscation of players’ winnings for arbitrary reasons, or failure to respond to customer service or casino complaints. There are other factors which will earn certain casinos the label of rogue casinos. Retaining your personal information without your permission, so you have the ultimate annoyance of being spammed by third parties who buy this information from rogue casinos is a common occurrence especially among blacklisted online casinos. Unfair resolution of casino complaints will also place a casino on blacklist.

There are several types of casino blacklists, for example there is one for online casinos, as well as other types of casinos such as casino halls. Blacklisted online casinos are pretty easy to spot on the internet though, as just a little bit of detective work in Google will throw up reviews and blog posts where customers identify rogue casinos. Blacklisted casinos operating online are the most dangerous though as you may find they are registered in the Cayman Islands, making it hard to track down any missing or stolen cash, unlike a club which has a premises and address.