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What is a Rogue casino?

Author: Neha Agrawal

You may or may not have heard of rogue casino. But what is a rogue casino? In short, they are blacklisted casino sites. An online casino could be blacklisted by any site, but mostly they are blacklisted by casino review sites, as a means of ensuring that players don’t play at them. There are many reasons why a casino might find itself on casino blacklists.

Who Blacklists Online Casinos?

Generally speaking, most of the actual blacklisting is done by casino review sites. There are many of these around, and some of them will specialise in making sure that all players know which casinos they should avoid. Some of these casino review sites even fight the case of a player who has been wronged by a rogue casino.

What makes it a Rogue Casino?

Rogue casinos can find themselves blacklisted for many reasons, but it is almost never one of the top online casinos that is blacklisted. Some of the reasons that have been given blacklisting casino sites include refusal to pay players their winnings, refusal to award bonuses, phantom promotions, rigged games, and even (though, it is rare), a complete closure of the casino, without warning their players.

Playing at Blacklisted Casinos

It is 100% your decision whether to play at blacklisted casino sites or not. Rogue casinos aren’t blocked, the blacklist merely discredits the casino, and announces them as a fraudulent to the gaming community. Whether you play there or not is up to you. In that sense, it is always advisable to check up on the latest casino blacklists. But, just because a casino has been blacklisted for some reason, doesn’t mean it is bad for you. Some people have jolly great times at blacklisted casinos, and have never experience any problems playing at them. But, their experience could change, when they try to withdraw a big win, for instance.

A Return to Grace

Fortunately, not all blacklisted casino sites and rogue casinos are truly bad. Sometimes, it is just an error, or accident that has led to a casino being blacklisted. Sometimes, crossed wires, bad communication and confusion between the player and his or her casino is the cause. When this happens, it is often possible for a rogue casino to return to grace and be removed from a blacklist, restoring its place as one of the top online casino sites.