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What is the Appeal of Instant Win Games and Scratch Cards

Author: Nick Wright

If you have been keeping abreast of the prevailing trends in online gambling then it won’t have escaped your notice that instant win games of the type which imitate scratch off tickets are rapidly growing in popularity. Whilst the overall world of online gambling is growing, the growth of popularity of these types of instant win games is amongst the fastest of all types of online gambling and it is therefore interesting to analyse the appeal of these instant win games. Firstly, part of the explanation of the popularity of these instant win games is undoubtedly the fact that they provide instant and immediate resolution and gratification. What this means is that the result of instant win games arrives straight away and there is no waiting around or need for dedicating any real period of time to playing. This is appealing to the modern person for whom time is always at a premium and who wishes to experience a quick burst of adrenaline, and it is for this same reason that more traditional scratch games and scratchers still remain popular.

Another element which helps to explain the popularity of both instant win games and scratch off tickets is the inclusive nature of these games. What we mean by this is that anyone can play scratch games or scratch off tickets, whereas games like poker or even blackjack can appear a little daunting to beginners who do not feel that they have the required knowledge to play the games effectively.

A final aspect which can also help to enlighten us as to why scratchers, scratch games and other instant win games are so popular is the aspect of variety. This is the case as there are a multitude of different and differently themed scratchers and instant win games which all offer a different gaming experience and prevents players from getting bored of playing the same game over and over again.

So from this we can see that instant win games are popular due to a combination of immediacy, inclusion and variety and these factors are likely to see the popularity of these games continue to rise for years to come.