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Which Pool Should I Bet?

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are so many betting pools available now for the sports bettor that the question is, what pool should be played?

Do you know one sport better than another? Is cricket your area of knowledge, or is it football? Maybe it’s rugby. Or perhaps you really know the individual sports such as tennis, golf or snooker. Maybe you think you know all of them pretty well.

But when you’re deciding which of the gambling pools to put your money into, you need to decide if your knowledge of a sport gives you a good reason to be betting it.

Perhaps you are very good at judging the quality of cricket players. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are good at predicting the outcome of matches. So if you’re going to bet on the sport, you should seek out other bets involving individual accomplishments, rather than final results. If that is the case, you might have a hard time finding any pool bets that fit your knowledge. You might be better off concentrating on fixed odd propositions.

You also might be very knowledgeable about football, but is it just in your local country or are you also very good at predicting the outcome of international matches as well? Again, you need to know your own skill before you put your money into football pool betting.

With so many options available now for tote gambling, whatever your skill and whatever your sport, you should be able to find the right betting pools to maximize your return. Do not think that you need to be a master of all gambling pools even in your preferred sport. Through the years, many bettor have made a fine return, even a life-changing return, by concentrating on just one of the many betting pools available.

One man made his fortune betting nothing but totals in games. He didn’t make any tote bets on who would win or lose the match, but concentrated on the final score. He found that not enough attention was being paid to the weather when it came to betting on the totals. But he watched the weather-and especially the wind-closely and knew how it would affect the outcome and he made a fortune betting on just that angle.

So do not think that you need to bet only into the most popular of the betting pools. If you have a specific insight into a game, you can turn it into a very profitable bit of knowledge.